Selling A Business in 2015 – Tips and Advice

Marketing businesses most of the time is tiresome and time consuming thus most people take it as an emotional venture. I have done my own research and come up with the following steps that will make selling of a running business enjoyable work.

First and foremost identify reasons for selling your running business most people sell their business due to forced circumstances: partnership dispute,boredom,retirement and even death while others decides to sell it because running on a lose you must therefore make your business appear more attractive by making strong customer base,increasing the business profits.

Secondly you must consider timing of your sale; this assists you in improvement of your financial records and strong holds for customers thus making more profits, timing also makes the transition easy for the buyer,hence smooth running of business.

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The Dummies Guide To Buying A Small Business

So you want to buy a small business? Maybe this is your first time? Welcome to an intense, yet exciting world of entrepreneurship!

When you have found a business that you want to invest in, we recommend that you do a thorough investigation – A VERY THOROUGH INVESTIGATION.

The letter for the intention of buying the said business,should spell out: proposed price, terms and condition of the sale. To buy an existing business means less hustle of starting from scratch, Needless to say that, if you buy a business that is already launched, you are already generating profits and you have a solid customer base (if you do it right!)

What this means: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel setting of new procedures. There are many aspects of buying a running business such as:

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Here’s Why You Should Buy (or start) A Mortgage Broker Business

A mortgage broker helps people who are interested in buying their own home; they help you understand how much you can borrow before you start searching for a home. They will help make sure your finances are sorted out so that you can find the perfect home for you.

Today we’ll explore the business of getting home loans, the ups, the downs, and if you should consider buying, or starting a mortgage consultancy as a viable business.

Need To Know

It’s important to know that when you are becoming a mortgage broker that it is a job based on performance and your income is going to be affected by that. All great mortgage brokers know that the sky’s the limit as long as you realize performance is crucial to success.

If you have a background in sales, marketing or banking it will be easier for you operate successfully as a mortgage broker, as this business is largely based on personal skill. A good mortgage broker will have a desire to help people and a great personality; if you’re shy then this might not be the right choice for you – that is unless you are willing to head hunt and HIRE this talent of course!

Becoming a Mortgage Broker


  • Low start up costs
  • Low ongoing costs
  • High earnings – no capped limits.
  • Flexibility and ability to work from home or a co work space
  • Ability to make your own schedule
  • You will become a highly trained professional with all the right knowledge to assist your clients.
  • Self employed mortgage brokers have the flexibility of meeting with clients when and wherever they are comfortable.
  • Online training videos and coaching is widely available
  • Happy and Content – Studies show that people who are the happiest in life are those that work for themselves
  • The ability to receive immediate income by trailing commissions
  • Mortgage broking is a stable industry

The most important criteria:

Mortgage broking businesses are sale-able assets; you can earn a great income and also sell your business in the future.



 Do You Love Helping People?

Most people would really enjoy helping others make their dreams come true, and a mortgage broker can assist with that. A mortgage broker helps their client find a loan option that fits their needs, whether it’s for a home or business, a broker can help people succeed.

A mortgage broker can also help you develop people skills and relationship management. A good broker will have no problem helping their client understand financial concepts and explain in detail all of legal options.

The Ultimate Flexibility

If you are a self employed mortgage broker then you are your own boss – no strings attached. You can create a good income and satisfying career, you don’t have to stick to a 9 to 5 schedule and that is one of the greatest benefits of all. You can create goals for yourself and your personal business and when you achieve those goals you should reward yourself.

Brokers make commission; this means it is up to you to determine how much work needs to be done and when to do it. It pays to work hard and long hours to find the best deals for your clients but you won’t have to deal with the daily frustrations that most everyone else does.

There are mortgage broker programs that provide excellent training and you will always deal with reputable established companies. These companies will guide you and help you with all the accreditation requirements, as well as organize training with banks and lenders. They will give you ongoing mentoring and offer marketing tools that might be needed.

Mortgage broker programs can offer you up-to-date lender applications, lender policies, lender products, lender interest rates and fees, as well as government documents like First Home Owner Grants and National Consumer Credit Policy information (which you will become your bible once you enter the finance industry, so get studying now!)

For more information and advice on buying or selling a business in Australia, visit our homepage and see how we can help you find the business of your dreams!

5 Exceptional Inspirational Business Quotes – and What They Mean

It is often said that “success begets success”, and that’s very true in the business world. But along that path to success, many entrepreneurs have often felt demoralized, dejected and depressed. And while success certainly does attract additional success, it also tends to isolate some, making successful people “lonely” at the top.

It takes a lot of inspiration to succeed, and thankfully there is plenty of that around if you know where to look. Here are 5 of the most inspirational business quotes that you can look to whenever you feel your “inspiration tank” is running empty:

  1. On ceasing opportunity: “When I’ve seen an opportunity I haven’t sat down and called a committee meeting; we’ve gone and done it.” – Fred Hollowsk, AC (Leading NZ/Australian ophthalmologist) 
    In business, opportunity embraces the first person that opens his/her door to it. Procrastination and “paralysis by analysis” often haunts many business leaders into inaction. If you have the courage of your conviction, your actions can lead you to success.
  2. On having a vision: “Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make it your mental blue print, and begin to build” – Robert Collier (American thought-leader and author of self-help books) 
    One of the most critical requirements for business success is to have a vision. Robert Collier (of the Robert Collier Publications, Inc. fame) understood that. However, he espoused the idea that merely having a vision isn’t sufficient. To see your vision become reality, you need to believe in it and then do everything you have to in order to realize it. 
    This quote also encourages entrepreneurs and business leaders to think before they dive headlong into an endeavour. You should never start building upon your vision without having a mental image of the end result.
  3. On successful team work: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” – Henry Ford (Businessman and founder of the Ford Motor Co.) 
    Back in the days when Henry Ford uttered those words, business leaders, students of business and entrepreneurs didn’t have the benefit of modern team-dynamics or group behaviour theory. But Ford knew exactly what being successful meant. Team work! As a business leader, you need not only to aspire to build and sustain a good team; you also need to ensure the team works in harmony. And that’s what leads to success!
  4. On planning for the long term: “Even if I knew tomorrow that the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree” – Martin Luther King (Civil rights advocate)
    Business success is about long-term planning. Not many business leaders understand that. In order to position yourself for the next big opportunity tomorrow, you need to take steps to be ready today.
  5. On the joys of turning loss into success: “Disappointment and adversity can be catalysts for greatness.” – Catherine Freeman, OAM (Former Australian Olympic sprinter and one of the world’s fastest women of all times) 
    A short-term loss should never be the cause of abandoning your vision. Persistence ultimately pays to turn things around. The idea is to learn from your failures and then use those lessons learned to become a leader (not a follower) in your niche.

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